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Yoga For Teens


Yoga Alliance Approved Advanced Yoga Studies and Continuing-Education Yoga Teacher Training

CECs:  40 Contact Hours

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This comprehensive four day Yoga for Teens certification course focuses on how Yoga can serve as a transformative life practice for teens by fostering their physical, mental, social, and emotional development.

The program is suitable for Yoga teachers, school teachers, social workers, therapists, parents, and those who want to make a difference in the lives of youth. While the training includes guidance on teaching teens in various settings, it emphasizes teaching and managing Yoga classes in the schools.

Learn teen-specific ways to:

  • Approach asanas, class themes, and sequences
  • Teach breathing, meditation, and stress management techniques
  • Instruct Yoga philosophy and its ethical principles
  • Work with at-risk and underserved populations
  • Discuss self-confidence, healthy body image, anger management, and forgiveness
  • Outline basic nutrition—the Yoga of eating
  • Inspire selfless service

Additionally, you will explore ways to help teens develop mindfulness in daily life and cultivate positive belief systems using affirmations. You will effectively be able to teach your students how to build community, trust, and connections.


    This was such a fun training! I learned a lot of practical skills and games. It was helpful for me to see how Andrea structures her classes. There is so much more to Yoga than asanas. — Erin Haddock

    I was the only teen in this training group of amazing teachers, and they treated me with so much respect and made me feel like I was one of them. The community here is so strong and supportive, and I have learned more than I could have ever imagined.  — Vaish Gundavaram

    Refund Policy - one month prior to event FULL refund less $150 - after 1 month prior to event NO REFUNDS