Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Ananda Aerial Yoga training is a comprehensive 80 hour hands on teacher training program broken down into several subjects of aerial yoga training, specifically designed for the beginner to advanced practitioner.

Andrea Lowry, has created an in-depth and complete Aerial Yoga curriculum, drawing on her 20 years of knowledge and yoga practice along with her 18 years of teaching.

We do recommend that you have begun a mat yoga practice before attending a training.

Ananda Aerial Yoga is grounded in a traditional Vinyasa and Hatha style practice. However, during your extensive training you will begin to learn to incorporate Aerial Yoga into the various forms of yoga, Yin, Power, Restorative, Partner, Strength, etc.

With the addition of the aerial hammock we are able to help support our students, find a deeper stretch, flow into poses that were previously challenging with more ease, and discover a whole new world of inversions.


Ananda Aerial Yoga is a complete Aerial Yoga curriculum that incorporates the aerial hammock as a prop
to further advance and deepen your yoga practice. You will also find a new relationship to gravity and body alignment that will open up a whole new world to your yoga practice and the aerial yoga practice you will help your students develop.  During inversions we will surrender our body to gravity. This will lengthen your spine, gain more core strength, find a proper body alignment, and open pranic flow.

During the trainings you will learn over 100 aerial asanas, various aerial flows, how to properly cue and guide your students in and out of aerial asanas, aerial meditation, etc. Giving you the skill and confidence to begin teaching your own aerial yoga sequences in a fun, creative, and empowering aerial yoga class.

Our Aerial Yoga training is great for those who just want to develop or advance their yoga and/or aerial yoga practice and never plan on teaching. 

With your new found knowledge you will not only begin to grow and expand your own yoga practice and those who attend your classes, but you will be opening doors to a whole new part of your mind and body, allowing you to find a stronger and deeper self.

What you will learn:

  • How to properly rig, hang, and care for your aerial hammocks
  • Learn over 100 aerial asanas
  • Learn various aerial flows and sequences, giving you the skill and confidence to begin teaching and creating your own aerial yoga sequences in a fun, creative, and empowering aerial yoga class
  • How to guide students in and out of various aerial asanas and inversions
  • And much much more!!

During each course you will receive a teacher’s manual that will have pictures, descriptions, notes and more for you!

In order to receive a teaching certificate ALL four designations/courses of Ananda Aerial Yoga training (Basic Aerial, Yin/Yang, Strong Aerial, Aerial for the Chakras) must be fully attended, a video submitted of an aerial class you taught, or teach a live class that is attended by Andrea Lowry.

Andrea is currently based out of North Dakota, but she travels around the country teaching aerial yoga workshops and trainings.  Feel free to contact her to come teach a workshop/training at your gym or studio!!