Upcoming Yoga & Fitness Classes

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12:15pm H.A.B.I.T., Pilates, Tabata or IronWorks @ Kenmare Memorial Hall

5:30pm Yoga, Pilates, or H.A.B.I.T. @ Dacotah Bank in Bowbells-FREE CLASS (see schedule below)


10am Vinyasa Yoga @ YogifyU

12:15pm Spin @ SOS Image


Private Training Sessions


10am Vinyasa Yoga @ YogifyU Starting September 19

12:15pm Spin @ SOS Image


12:15pm Spin @ SOS Image


10am Hatha, Vinyasa @ YogifyU (see schedule below)

2 Main St S, Minot, ND 58701


Dacotah Bank
15 Main St., Bowbells, ND 58721


SOS Image
2217 16th St. NW, Minot, ND 58701


Kenmare Memorial Hall                                               5 3rd St NE, Kenmare, ND 58746


Class Descriptions



Spin is a non-impact cardiovascular workout that takes place on a special STAR-TRAC stationary bike.  It is a group exercise program in which participants work at their individual fitness levels in the parameters of specifically designed class formats.  The Spinning program concept incorporates the mind/body connection and visualization, leaving ‘riders’ with a great sense of accomplishment.  It does not require a lot of coordination and is appropriate for men and women of all ages and abilities. The SPINNING® program consists of 5 Energy Zones which make for a well-rounded fitness and conditioning program.  The body uses different fuels at different intensities. Working at all these different intensities builds optimal health!

H.A.B.I.T. (Hips, Abs, Buns & Incredible Thighs)

Your core and lower body build the foundation for holding up your upper body and are important for you to strengthen to improve your posture. Great posture and a strong core will help prevent arthritis and back problems secondary to weak musculature. With a combination of yoga, pilates, strength enhancing and movements designed specifically for those areas you are trying to strengthen, shape, and sculpt, you are destined to get into the “HABIT”.  This class is designed to yield results from the beginner to the advanced participant!


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a series of postures, one flowing seamlessly into the next, uniting body, mind, and breath. Designed as a moving meditation, every Vinyasa class is unique, creating the opportunity to become stronger, more flexible and balanced, while practicing being present to the moment.


Hatha Yoga

Practical yet insightful philosophy, precise alignment and a strong focus on community combine to make this class a full-spectrum invitation to expand your practice and deepen your understanding of yoga as a holistic lifestyle. Learn and refine key actions for a safe and effective yoga practice. Uniting innate intuition with the modern science of biomechanics empowers potent transformation and healing. This alignment-based class will focus on what your mind, body and heart need in order to master your strength, refine your sensitivity and increase your capacity to enjoy life.

This class is appropriate for beginners and injured folks as well as athletes and yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge of structural alignment. The tools acquired in this class can be applied to all other yoga practices, sports and life in general!


Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes is a recovery class designed for athletes of all levels looking to stretch and restore their muscles to help increase their athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury. This class offers a balance of yoga, breath-work, stretching, and relaxation that will strengthen your core and improve your balance and flexibility. 




Using a floor mat and small props, this class focuses on basic Pilates principles: core strength, increased flexibility, breath control and correct alignment to improve posture.




A low impact, full body weight lifting class that is great for all levels of fitness.  In this class you will be using free weights to strengthen and tone every muscles in your body...Even the ones you didn't even know you had!