Andrea's Yoga & Fitness Mission

I believe wellness starts from within and a healthy lifestyle is a mindful and essential element of the wellness journey.  


I am dedicated to healthy living environments and the health of our whole being; body, mind, soul, spirit, energy, and light. Our bodies have the innate intelligence to heal and strengthen.  All we have to do is open ourselves, and listen to the whispering of our inner self, mind, and soul, and offer what it needs.

If I can help one person mindfully find happiness; it leads to a brighter future for not just that one person but for every person that is touched by that individual’s happiness. 

I am based out of North Dakota, but I travel around the world teaching workshops, retreats and teacher training for Aerial Yoga, Yoga and Indoor Cycling.  

My Journey


As a little girl, Andrea was fascinated with the twisty shapes she could make with her body.  At three years old, she began exploring movement and fitness in its many forms in various dance classes.  

Andrea had her first exposure to yoga in 1994 when she secretly rented a Rodney Yee VHS from the library.  Yoga brought a sense of peace and balance into her life as a teenager when her parents began a not so balanced divorce.  Andrea not only found herself drawn to the balance yoga created, but it drew her into the physical practice of Vinyasa yoga.  From there, she began exploring breath work and the focus involved in making the shapes and discovered something else:  a way of thinking, living, and teating others.  Yoga and fitness then became a means of self-study and healing.  

Andrea's passion for the art of movement guided her to embark in more group fitness classes in 1996 and began her career in fitness and yoga starting in college.  She earned her first 200 hour RYT designation in Vinyasa in 2003 and her group fitness certification in 1998.

At the age of 27 Andrea had to undergo a bilateral mastectomy. A combination of her yoga practice, meditation practice, and strength workouts helped her stay strong both physically and mentally throughout her surgeries and recoveries. Once recovered, Andrea knew that she wanted to fully dedicate her life to teaching and helping others to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Since she began her yoga practice and career in fitness, over time, Andrea found that this path not only supported her physically, but also changed the way she thinks, acts, feels, and interacts with others and the world around her.

Now, Andrea teaches and practices to help others find their inner light and happiness both in the practice and out in the world.

I want to leave my imprint on the world by the service I give, the love I share, and the examples I set.

Training Background

Andrea is a fitness instructor, personal trainer, 500 RYT yoga instructor, and creator of Ananda Aerial Yoga, Ananda Indoor Cycle and Ananda Yoga & FItness's Growing Roots 200 RYT Teacher Training.  

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Andrea completed her first yoga teacher training with Rodney Yee in 2003 and continued her learning and in-depth studies with Yee, Richard Rosen, Sally Kempton, Paul Grilley, Tias Little, David Keil, Rod Stryker, Jason Crandell, Judith Lasater, Larissa Carlson, Dr. John Douilard and many others. An avid student of anatomy, she has also studied extensively with Tom Myers through his Anatomy Trains and Kinesis programs.  As she continues her learning journey, Andrea is currently enrolled in the Kirpalu School of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Andrea also has a personal and extensive history, over 20 years, practicing yoga, teaching fitness, and an extensive history in various sports ranging from professional tennis to collegiate rowing, and is a nationally recognized instructor for yoga with athletes in competitive, endurance, and team sports with a focus on athletic recovery. Her students include casual athletes, Olympians, NFL players, and many high school athletic teams.  She has the ability to individualize and work with the needs of the clients and help them develop strengthening and recovery programs for their individual athletic needs.

My mission is to create training programs, and recovery programs that allow for athletes and the everyday person to fully develop and realize their true mental and physical strength and athletic potential.


Group Classes

In Andrea’s classes (Spinning, weight lifting, yoga, etc), you will find a theme, be it a physical goal, a mental goal, or something you need in that moment. It is her goal to create a mindful setting with love, happiness, smiles, and openness to help you find how truly wonderful a person you are.

I believe our small, positive ripples in life can lead to huge positive waves in our world.