What are the prerequisites for participating in teacher training?

There are no educational requirements; however, prospective students should have a regular yoga practice (2-3 times per week) of at least six months. The 200-hour training will cover fundamental asana (poses), vinyasa (flowing sequence), pranayama (breathing), philosophy, meditation, and teaching techniques from the beginning.

What styles of yoga are taught in this training?

You will learn to teach your practice in our yoga teacher training. As a way of learning how yoga works and how to share your personal understanding of yoga with others, we teach the physical practice using vinyasa (flow) and breath-based movement from the Ashtanga method combined with an anatomical understanding from the Iyengar method to deliver a safe and strong yoga practice. This training is designed to give you the tools to understand how to teach the poses effectively and how to sequence the practice for a desired result. The style you adopt will naturally come from your own practice as an evolving form.

What will I learn in the 200-Hour Demystify Yoga Teacher Training Program?

  • Alignment - Learn the proper anatomical alignment of postures. Alignment and postures can be intensified, modified, or facilitated with the proper usage of props.

  • Anatomy - Understanding of the full skeletomuscular system of the human body. The anatomy learned in this program supersedes Yoga Alliance and industry standards.

  • Asana - Learn the safe and intelligent way to access physical postures.

  • Bandhas - How to begin to tone and engage the bandhas (energy locks), which serve to control the flow of energy and correspond to the chakras (energy centers) in the body.

  • Business of Yoga - Learn about the yoga industry and how to be successful as a teacher or aspiring entrepreneur.

  • Chakra Opening Seres -Learn signs of a closed or low-functioning chakra, as well as ways to open and create a better flow of energy.

  • Curation of Playlists- Appropriate for each genre of yoga.

  • Different Learning Styles - understand how to reach and impact students who process and absorb material differently.

  • History and Philosophy of Yoga (Yoga Sutras // Eight Limbed Path).

  • Industry Ethics and Boundaries.

  • Mudras - As they apply to and can benefit any yoga or meditation practice.

  • Observational Awareness

  • Sanskrit Training - Adequate for the full primary series.

  • Sequencing - How to creatively design intelligent flows with safe transitions.

  • The Five Types of Adjustments - how to properly and effectively employ them.

  • Yoga for Different Populations and Demographics.

  • Yoga and Pregnancy - Things to consider in each trimester.

Will I be ready to teach after completing the Basic 200-hour yoga teacher training?

You will begin teaching early in the training, to give you the experience of growing your teaching from a place of practice, with curiosity and confidence. You will learn methods for teaching asana and pranayama. In practice teaching sessions will learn how to effectively communicate the information to others, find your voice, and develop language that is authentic and unscripted.

What if I don’t want to teach yoga? I just want to deepen my practice. Do I have to practice teach?

When you share what you know with others, you learn what you really know. We find that practicing teaching helps deepen your understanding and experience of yoga as a path of self-knowledge. We encourage a teaching environment that inspires and fosters curiosity in each of us as students through compassionate and constructive criticism and support.

Do I need to be certified to teach yoga?

Most yoga studios, health clubs, fitness centers and holistic centers require a minimum certification of RYT200. Ananda Yoga & Fitness's 200-hour certification enables you to register through Yoga Alliance® as an RYT200.

Yoga Alliance® is the largest nationally-recognized professional association for yoga teachers and schools. Yoga Alliance® maintains standards for both 200-hour and 500-hour level certification programs. Once you have completed your 200-hour level training, you can apply for registration through Yoga Alliance®, upon which you can use the title RYT® (Registered Yoga Teacher).

How many students are enrolled in the training?

Our yoga teacher trainings typically have between 10-20 students. This capacity allows us to work closely with each student, insuring qualityinteraction, individualized attention, and effective group dynamics.

How much time will I be expected to spend on homework?

Reading and writing assignments will be made during this training. Immersions are very intense work periods, and participants should not plan other significant activities for their duration. Lunch breaks are scheduled, but that schedule may change, based on the instructors’ discretion, and work may be assigned during that time, so do not schedule other activities during planned lunch breaks.

Are books included in the tuition?

Most of your learning resources will be provided through your teacher manual. Additional books required for the training are not part of the tuition.  Usually the best book prices are offered on Amazon.

What if I miss a class or a weekend?

To get the most out of your yoga teacher training, it is important that you attend the training as a whole. 

If you miss class sessions (up to 20 hours) you may still complete the program with your class provided that you schedule a private session (or group session/weekend workshop training) with program faculty or their designated assistant. Private make-ups are charged at the private instruction rate of $50 per hour.

You may make up missed sessions. These are scheduled through your instructor, subject to a $50 fee per hour, which must be completed within one year of your training. Hourly makeup sessions are nonrefundable.

Any minutes lost due to tardiness are recorded and must be made up. Classes start and end on time and you are responsible for the material and minutes missed at the beginning of class.

Certificates of Completion are not awarded until all attendance requirements are met.

Additional Fees

These additional fees may apply to this program:

  • One-hour private make-up session $50

  • Each substitution/make-up in another program/weekend workshop $220

  • Copies of additional Certificates of Completion $35, (pdf downloads are free).

I have an injury. Can I still participate in the training?

Each student’s situation will be considered individually, and evaluated based on your yoga experience and your general health.