Something Big


Something Big

3.00 5.00

Ride Style:  Interval

Something Big is Coming and this ride is it!!  

Get ready to rock it with this sweat and movement filled ride!  This ride has 3 Big working sets in it.  The first set is just 7 minutes, the second set ups the anti at 8 minutes, and the third set is an awesome 10 minutes.  This power house ride will have you pumped and sweating from the beginning with standing runs, jumps, and climbs (sometimes all in one song!).  But don't worry!  There are recoveries and other fun moves to break up the longer working sets.

Some of the awesome artists you'll be sweating to are:  Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Mackelmore, and more!!

Playlist Length:  47 minutes (not including cool down time)

Please always remember to be mindful when riding on your own or teaching a class, and do what is appropriate for their or your fitness level.  Add in those recoveries where you and/or your class need them!!

Each ride I create has a playlist and a detailed ride description, in PDF format, with everything you could possibly need to teach a great class!  You'll be able to download the ride to print out or have in front of you on your tablet or phone.  This way you can hop on your bike, start cycling, and not have to worry about creating a great sweat filled ride! 

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