Ananda Indoor Cycling Teacher Training Minot, ND

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Ananda Indoor Cycling Teacher Training Minot, ND


NASAM & AFAA Approved and Accredited Provider

Date: February 23, 2019
Time: 9-6pm
Location: Minot Air Force Base, McAdoo Sports and Fitness Center
Price: $250 (over 200 page manual included)
What to bring: You will participate in two rides during this training, so please bring plenty of water or other hydrating beverages, changes of clothing (appropriate and comfortable for your indoor cycling rides), and any snacks you would like to have during the day.

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The Ananda Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification course is designed for the instructor or individual who wants to begin teaching and/or expand their at home indoor cycling workouts. Our cycling program utilizes various cycling programs' strengths to create a well-rounded and wise cycle instructor who can mindfully instruct different levels of cyclists and create a successful and safe environment for their riders.  

Topics included in our training:  individual bike setup, class outline/structure to create the feeling of inclusion and success for your riders, mindful and effective cycle class design, cycling techniques for interval, strength, endurance, and short 30 minute rides, and how to properly motivate and keep your riders wanting more.  We will cover various rides and ride choreography, studio/gym setup and design, and much much more!

Cycle Instructor Certification Course Objectives:

  • Identify and explain proper bike setup
  • Proper riding alignment and form for various body types and bone structures
  • Create several ride profiles for your own indoor cycling rides for interval, strength, endurance, and 30 minute rides.
  • Apply mindful cueing, motivation, body alignment and coaching techniques on and off the bike for the different levels of riders in your class.
  • Creating an environment and ride profile that creates a successful ride for your beginner to advanced rider.
  • Creating fun playlists to go along with your indoor cycling rides
  • Prepare and demonstrate and/or share an example of an indoor cycling class.
  • Practice teaching and stretching for stationary indoor cycling.
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Refund Policy - one month prior to event FULL refund less $150 - after 1 month prior to event NO REFUNDS