Mindfulness & Meditation

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Mindfulness & Meditation


Yoga Alliance Approved Continuing-Education Yoga Teacher Training

CECs:  18 Contact Hours

Date:  Coming in 2019
Location:  YogifyU Minot, ND 58703
Price:  $280  Day of Training:  $300 (cash or online payment only for day of training)

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Contemporary scientific research has proven the value of mindfulness and related practices, and these trainings have now spread widely in medicine, education, mental health, business, athletics, and the arts.

Professionals and everyday people are using meditation as a key strategy to maximize our human potential.

To meet the steady increase in popular interest, there is a growing need for mature, dedicated teachers from all parts of the world who can offer these practices with clarity and wisdom.

This is going to be an extraordinary training and experience. By doing your own meditation work and then by helping others do the same you will be making a significant contribution to the evolution of your own being as well as helping shift the consciousness of humanity to a wiser and more compassionate level.

This program is open and welcoming to people of all racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, as well as sexual orientations and gender identities.

Our Training

The core of the training is the cultivation of mindfulness, the capacity to meet life moment to moment with open-hearted presence. In the deep inner and outer silence of our weekend, participants cultivate an integrated body-mind practice that encourages awakening on every level of being, including the physical, energetic, emotional, and interpersonal dimensions. 

The meditation teacher training curriculum includes understanding the transformational principles underlying meditation, exploring the interface of meditation with western psychology and cutting-edge science, developing teaching skills, and receiving guidance on how to establish classes and workshops. Specific content includes:

Core Practices

Develop your practice with mindfulness, body scans, mindful movement, concentration, inquiry, open awareness, and heart meditations

Training in the Domains of Mindfulness

Practice awareness as it relates to our body, feelings, emotions, and mind states

Current Research

Establish a familiarity with research findings and current literature on the effects of meditation

Skill-Building Lessons

Develop skills and confidence in giving talks, conducting individual and small group sessions with students, and responding to questions

Meditating with the Heart

Practice meditations to cultivate forgiveness, compassion, loving kindness, joy, and peace

Mindful Movement

Complement sitting practices by bringing awareness to movement and engage with a somatic experience of meditation

Mindfulness and Reverence for Life

Approach life from an ethical and virtuous perspective

Cultivating Community

Learn to both design and promote classes and workshops in order to create a community of dedicated learners

The Ethics of Teaching

Understand and learn to handle ethical issues in teaching and the student-teacher relationship



  • 6pm - 9pm


  • 11am - 6pm


  • 11am - 6pm

Refund Policy - one month prior to event FULL refund less $150 - after 1 month prior to event NO REFUNDS