Yoga For Athletes Level 2

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Yoga For Athletes Level 2


Yoga Alliance Approved Advanced Yoga Studies and Continuing-Education Yoga Teacher Training

CECs:  15 Contact Hours

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Yoga is a fantastic complement for athletes of various sports as well as fitness enthusiasts. As yoga has increased in popularity over the past years, athletes are looking at incorporating the practice of Yoga into their training program to fix potential imbalances in their body and to improve their performance in their chosen field of sport.

Yoga is the ideal way to bring balance exercises into a performers training regimen. Most athletes are involved in some form of weight training and other resistance training that uses repetitive motions that only develop certain muscle groups, while ignoring others. Also, intense sports training might build strength in certain areas of the body but leaves the athlete inflexible and even weak in others. That creates imbalance in the body. Yoga is able to fix this imbalance and help to develop the muscles that have been ignored through the contraction of these muscles in the various poses.

Whether you are a golfer, skier, windsurfer, or soccer player, the mind body connection in yoga is an important element in producing peak performance.  Yoga can assist the athlete with developing a better way of breathing while improving balance, flexibility, core strength, and endurance.

Although proper breathing technique is the foundation of many sports, it is often ignored by many athletes. Yoga will help fix this lack of breathing skill and develop the correct breathing technique that is very much required in any game of sport. The integration of mind and body through correct breathing patterns helps to build stamina and endurance in an athlete. Proper breathing techniques also bring more focus and attention to the mind and sharpens one’s intuition. This gives the athlete an advantage over his fellow players.

Our Training

Our Level 2 training will continue to cover more in depth anatomy & biomechanics as it relates to athletes as well as the psychological implications of a regular yoga practice, particularly examining the ongoing process of pushing your body to the brink and staying healthy in the process. We will dive deeper into athletic injuries and how to approach them. We will assess the application of yoga for the different phases of training & recovery as well as off-season cross training applications. We will also look at different sports and positions, and how to analyze the application of yoga to any athletic endeavor to help teachers create effective yoga classes for working with injuries, injury prevention, performance enhancement and mental preparation.


  • The daily schedule for training consists of a morning asana practice (2 hours) followed by an afternoon of lecture (4 hours).


  • Opening practice and Discussion 6pm-9pm

Saturday & Sunday

  • Asana/Yoga Practice 9:00am-11:00am
  • Lecture and Discussion 12pm-4pm

Fee $320

Refund Policy - one month prior to event FULL refund less $150 - after 1 month prior to event NO REFUNDS