How to Give up Soda

Ok, you are a few days into your goal of no foods or beverages with artificial sweeteners added.  You are wondering if life as you know it has ended (or maybe having to let go of your social media life after 7pm has done that for you already).  I'm sure you are swearing at me and harboring evil thoughts.  I'm doing the same to myself, since I had to cut down on my caffeine intake (coffee addiction is a real problem for me...I seem to still think I can run on the stuff).


Well, here are some steps to help you kick your soda addiction to the curb, and become healthier and happier for it!

1.  Don't go cold turkey all at once.

What!?!  You're telling me I can still have soda!?! 

Yup!  You can still have soda if you are someone who was guzzling down over 5 cans of the wretched stuff each day.  When one becomes addicted to something (addiction to artificial sweeteners is a real and horrible thing) you have to slowly come off of it.  Try cutting down to 1 drink a day for a week and go from there.

2.  Drink water!

Time to carry around a water bottle instead of a pop bottle!!  Drink that water when you feel the need to drink soda.  I definitely don't need to tell you all the wonderful benefits of drinking water.

If you are someone who just has to have some kind of "kick" in their water, you can always add/infuse fruit or mint to your water for added flavor.

Fruit and veg.png

3.  Get your healthy eating on!

Instead of relying on soda to give you an energy kick, get your energy from eating healthy!  Getting your servings of fruits, vegetables, and proteins each day will give you the energy you need to get through your day without the extra sugar and caffeine.

4.  When all else fails...DUMP IT DOWN THE DRAIN!

Yup...Go take those cans and bottles, open them up, and dump them down the drain.  When the temptation is not there, you can not cave in to it.  Plain and simple.  AND DON'T BUY MORE!