Growing in 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!!

As each year begins, we find ourselves wanting to change something about our future, something about our body, something about our nutrition, something about our finances, etc.  Then, we set these huge goals with great intentions.  After a few weeks or months go by, we forget or throw those goals to the wayside....And, life continues.

Science has shown that it is better to take little steps when changing or wanting to improve upon ones life.

This year my goal is to help everyone #GrowIn2017.  We will take small mindful steps together throughout the year by working on two goals each month.  One goal will involve nutrition, and the other goal will be more of a "mental" goal.  Don't worry, I'm not going to require any extra work or time from you.

Life is always about growth.  We never stop learning or achieving as our life goes on.  Why not view our goals as growth?

Hopefully our small steps will help each of us grow in mindfulness, knowledge, strength, and love.  From there, hopefully, our growth will rub off on those around us.

For now, take this week to get back into your normal routine as you begin your New Year.  Settle in to your post holiday schedule, and we will start our new growth next week!