Transitioning Into Spring

Ayurveda's Kapha Season

Kapha season .png

As we shift into the spring season the light is coming back into our days and into our energy.  We are moving from the darkness of winter, the bundled up, warm, comfort of cold weather into a bright period of transition.  As the season literally shifts, it presents an opportunity for us to shift as well.  In order to take full advantage of the changing season, our routine and diet needs to be adjusted to maintain balance. 

Ayurveda, yoga’s sister-science of self-healing, offers an understanding of the rhythms of the day, of the year, and of life.  It also gives you another perspective on your own constitution, your tendencies, reaction patterns, physique, digestion patterns, and potential vulnerabilities for imbalance and disease.  Having an understanding of this system, provides the opportunity to live more in harmony with the world around you and to take advantage of the natural energy that is present.  Spring time is a perfect place to begin this. 

In Ayurveda, there are three doshas related to the elements: Vata (air & ether), Pitta (fire & water), Kapha (earth & water).  Pitta is associated with the summer season when the sun’s rays hit the earth with the most intensity and heat.  Vata is associated with the fall/winter season where everything is in flux and constant change.  Kapha is the dosha of spring where everything is a constant mix of earth and water (mud and rain), and where the earth is warming up, blooming, and growing in abundance. For more details on the three doshas, check out Intro to Ayurveda.

In order to take advantage of this Kapha season for the most amount of revitalization and growth there are certain things you can bring into your life through the lens of Ayurveda.

Eat a Spring Diet

Notice if your appetite has changed naturally and be mindful of not overeating at meals. Decline the heavy comfort foods of winter for fruits and vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables don’t have to be raw, in fact lightly cooked, warm foods are better for digestion.

Put a “Spring” Back Into Your Step

Spring is a great time to create a new routine.  It is easier to establish when the days are lighter and longer.  Start by rising earlier, definitely before the sun.  Don’t let caffeine be the first thing that hits your stomach in the morning.  Instead drink a cup of warm lemon water to aid in elimination.  Bring movement into your morning routine, even just 5-10 Sun Salutations when you wake up is great for circulation of your fluids and balance for your Nervous System.  If you suffer from seasonal allergies, using a Neti Pot (with distilled water) 1-3 times a day is a wonderful way to keep your sinus passages clear.  

Nurture Relationships

Spring is also the time to embrace light-heartedness and adventure.  Reach out to friends to reignite your relationships and to reconnect. 

Spring Clean

There is a reason we feel the need to clean everything and get rid of things as the season shifts.  Winter brings a heaviness with it, as does the holiday season.  Spring offers an opportunity to lighten our homes and our hearts through organizing, deep cleaning, and getting rid of the physical things we don't need anymore.

Spring is a wonderful time of year.  Take advantage of all that this beautiful transition has to offer.  You will shed the heaviness of winter and create a deeper harmony in your own life by simply living in tune with the natural rhythm of the season.